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PetroDragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of Eternal Night: An Annihilation of Planet Earth and the Beginning of Merciless Damnation

by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

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MarlaHectic thumbnail
MarlaHectic As much as I love everything KGLW makes, this particular album is SO MUCH IN VENUE. Both in theme and musical style Favorite track: Gila Monster.
Set Draven 𓋹
Set Draven 𓋹 thumbnail
Set Draven 𓋹 I had heard Rattlesnake and some other stuff from Microtonal Banana that made me think Gizzard was pretty neat, but it wasn't until I heard Gila Monster as a single leading up to PDA that I was thrown into full Gizzhead mode and became obsessed, with this album, and all their others. Came for the metal (some of the best I've ever heard), stayed for the chillout/funk/indie/surf/synth/whatever else KGLW is up to at the moment. Baptized into the Gizzverse in PetroDragonic flame! Favorite track: Gila Monster.
redrevelry thumbnail
redrevelry GILA! GILA! GILA! Favorite track: Gila Monster.
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Motor Spirit 08:32
Oh holy rabble, we art ensnared to quiver liketh rippled air Diocese of did melt sand Worship with thy chroming hand Coal-black cloud horizon maketh landborn petromyzon Summon forth thy motor spirit Drink the fuckin’ gas and killeth Light the fuel Propagate oxygen and heat Deify motor spirit Kiss goodbye the weak Oh holy frontier art unbound Thee kiss thy god I kisseth ground I holdeth flame yond burns at night A seraph of Isaiah’s light Touch thy lips and purge thy skin Holy water Eyes within By thee, we sleep and die for you Ignite m’lord, we ride for you Motor spirit, motor spirit, motor spirit… Black buckets everywhere brimming, spewing millionaires Rotting ancient zooplankton squashed below the megaton Sweet juice on my lips Motorised apocalypse See metal crunch and hear it Highway death by motor spirit Light the fuel Propagate oxygen and heat Deify motor spirit Kiss goodbye the weak High octane aviation Gasoline leak inhalation Paint chromer Broken home Bloody stool Gasket blown Pop the bonnet Oil check Fire-pious side effects Guarana drama Damage control Sniffing, huffing ethanol Motor spirit, motor spirit, motor spirit… Dividing non-believers Fly my octane spirit weaver Burnt rubber Grave robber Fire starter Spark imparter Un-water Fun porter Sun mortar Manslaughter Motor spirit Don’t fear it Buy a ticket Button flick it Kill the rigid Burn the bridges Pick the stitches Drink the riches Engine gaia Piston wheeze The messiah on their knees Beg the wind Beg the tree Beg the bug for mercy Motor spirit Dragon race Burning cars Outer space Petrol king, abdicate Human-kind, exonerate Dire fate shall plague our land Hurricanes shall sweepeth sand The winds doth howl and moaneth Homes and lives overthrowneth But hark, brave occultists, bold Rise to save the world from cold Weaveth magic spells with care Banish the hellish nightmare Dance beneath the moon's bright glow as charms they work to and fro But alas, fire doth grown despite witches' ebb and flow Fires rage with wild intent destroying all they present The heat doth scorch the landeth Naught but ash in thy handeth End doth near We cannot hide as the earth doth shake and writhe Turn to sin with hearts sincere Block the way that led us here Motor spirit, motor spirit, motor spirit…
Supercell 05:05
Murder waits inside the wedge Sharpening it’s sickle edge Spading forks Increasing spin Screaming tin Ruby slippers Tap ya heels In a spiral Orange peel Bodies flying on a rainbow Run Toto Lightning bites the jaws of hell Whip crack the tortoise shell Angle grinder, a welcome friend Dorothy’s end ’Tis best at night to stay afraid ‘cos sirens sing a bombing raid Incant a blood-curdled yell Supercell Supercell Supercell The bombshell carousel raising hell Supercell absorbing structures Unforetold in biblical scriptures Throngs of livestock in the air Twisted stare Pickup trucks blown to pieces A rabble release faeces God’s dead on barren corn fields Prepare to yield Countless crushed cars on west main Hill of Gaash flooding with flame Rips bark from dying trees Tempest breeds The sky bleeds Dragon feeds The messiah on their knees Jupiter laughs immortal Supercell Oh, cruel fate that hath befallen us Oil-mad, spinning gaily in the tempest Supercell Supercell The bombshell carousel raising hell 24 dead in my state Motor spirit subjugate Creator, a burning mouth Carnage north, east, west and south EF5 Force of nature Demolition Meet your maker Throwing cities like leaves Our mortal surface is wiped clean Murdering everybody Careless of theology Good christians pummelled anon Agnostics, Armageddon History is in the eye awaiting death while leaders hide Futures locked by land and wind Garden of Eden chagrined Drowning wind Gasp for breath Plain snake Omen of death Drink the piss and smoke your meth No one left Supercell Supercell The bombshell carousel raising hell
Converge 06:16
Lo, a sight most dire and bleak from yon celestial perch doth speak The earth shake The earth quiver As dazzling twisted pillars deliver Thank god for space and that I’m here The vacuum black The last frontier Grey snakes slither across country Magnetising and converging From the ISS, ungodly high, chaos madness evolves below nigh A tempest of great force and might A storm of such unparalleled fright The winds do howl The rains do pour The lightning strike The thunder roar The elements rage in wild excess A spectacle of cruel finesse Houses, cities, torn asunder The havoc wreaked, a sight to wonder May the lord have mercy on us all Pray the storm which risen, thus shall fall Trained forever to leave the ground The ruined garden Churning clouds Convergence be into the eye Storm dilates and people die Converge, converge, converge… Storm surge I am removed I am a cloud In peering down, I am endowed Motor spirit, that brought me here Fly to the moon I have no fear The twisters worm as tyres burn The screeching rims Gale force winds The judgement day Murder tycoon Ground control from the birds eye view In wind tunnels stained red with blood All that was green to shit and mud Morphing twirling to single beast Humanity Tantalising feast Feast on blood of feckless Pull the tide like a blanket The storm is the aether Quintessence and preacher Aura drinker Spirit shrinker The one true God Vile smile ‘Mental yolks Nymphs, sylphs and pygmy’s choke Drink the blood Tasting Tchort What hath God wrought? Converge, converge, converge… Hungry crawling fat grey rat snake seems faster than the speed of light Snail trail through the green glade Killer zig zags and flying kites Watching from the silence of space at lords converging in their place Generals destruction in wake Combining fronts Ultimate quake Mass destruction Challenging Human race unravelling Verily winds converge with force Deadly splendour over the course Immersed in a mouse trap for land Forever writ in nature's hand The land doth mourn The sea doth grieve For loss of life Destruction seen Verbose words fail to convey the horrors that this storm do slay Converge, converge, converge…
Witchcraft 05:03
In the fields once green and gold Where the summer's breeze was bold A supercell rages and roils Swirling vortex A bubble boils Witchcraft So upon one sable morn when the moon does wane and die A ragged coven convenes performing incantation nigh Witchcraft Taxidermy with eyes of fire Chanting songs above the lyre Miasma of hair and bile hangs heavy with the mother’s ire Witchcraft Antlers shed ribbons of blood Draped like thorns upon the brow A crucifixion can end this squall A bible burned with aerosol Witchcraft I call upon the blood-moon goddess for I have but one request I’ve laid the altar Charged the crystals The circle, I have blessed Witchcraft The four elements are set Septuple trigger fingers bleed Oh horrors, my midnight god, what have you got in store for me? Witchcraft Fire flickered and danced with hues of orange, red and deep burnt blues Snakes slither by, just out of sight Lizard and bat take wing in the night Around the fire, they circle slow and with locked minds a chant did grow Timbers of oak with knots so tight bear witness to spells cast in the night I am Beowulf I am cat, black Knock the candle from scripture stack I bring justice at moment, right Gila Monster, set alight Witchcraft Unleash a reptile thinking in terms of only lizard brain And be not lucky enough to make any mistakes again Witchcraft Like a grenade in a fist, the air ignites, a bloody mist Moon cycle shifting Demon lifting Beowulf, grifting ritualist Witchcraft Alas, the cat disrupts the prayer and turns it on meekest there The tiny creature, a harmless skink, transforms into a mythic king Witchcraft
Gila Monster 04:35
Anon, a giant monster roams Creature of magic, not of home He didst gobble each hag he found Screams didst echo, a chilling sound With every wiccan he will devour, he’ll grow in strength, in size and power Until one day upon his back, he’ll sprout wings A fearsome pack With each meal Gila grows more A biblical beast of ancient lore With fire in belly Flames in eyes The beast rise to the highest skies So beware, ye witches fair, lest thee be spied by dragon-glare It’ll show not mercy, it is said, but devour thee and leave thee for dead Gila, gila, gila.. Monster I’m the gila Blood spiller Witch killer Gila, gila I’m the gila Card dealer Fate sealer Gila, gila I’m the gila Blood spiller Witch killer gila gila I’m the gila Godzilla guerilla Diamondback climbing walls Puncture wounds Torn and mauled Raging monster Witch brawl Backlash Battlecry Curveball Pushed and probed to the edge No sense of forgiveness I’m the gila The blood spiller The witch killer I’m the gila Gila, gila, gila.. Monster Turncoat projectile Idiot reptile Born in the whirlwind Feral wonderkind Petty feline summoned anew Once was slave Master of you Abomination Hallucination Revenging sinner Witches for dinner I’m the gila The card dealer The fate sealer I’m the gila I’m the gila Blood spiller Witch killer Gila, gila I’m the gila Card dealer Fate sealer Gila, gila I’m the gila Blood spiller Witch killer gila gila I’m the gila Godzilla guerilla Growing immensely and vastly in size Summoned from the wicca to their demise Sprouting wings Demonic features Horny for bloodlust Lord of pagan creatures Blacker than space Its eyes are distant suns Devouring its disciples like mischievous sons In the forest of my mind runs a torrent of fire The real me beneath the liar I bide my time to don my crown Tasered bull Gore the clown Compared to me, a pulsar is a lighter flame Compared to mine, their wicca is a mere child’s game Gila, gila, gila.. Monster My eyes feel like they’re made of light Boötes void would be made bright I will blind you in the hadal zone Emperor of the abyss below Annihilation of planet earth and the beginning of merciless damnation Oh, regret, what a cloud of dread With the cold hand of death ahead Oh, desperation, what a mind killer All hail, king Gila
Dragon 09:44
PetroDragonic Apocalypse Flapping wings weaving through Crocodile obsolete Flattened raze Spraying flames Blood curdle screech Dragon, dragon, dragon… Gila is the aether Quintessence and preacher Aura drinker Spirit shrinker The one true God Vile smile ‘Mental yolks Nymphs, sylphs and pygmy’s choke Drink the blood Tasting Tchort What hath God wrought? Dragon, dragon, dragon… PetroDragonic Apocalypse Winged demon on the stratosphere is swooping beneath to kill with fear Stop the dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon Stop the dragon, dragon, dragon Scrambling jets and ballistic lies burned underneath the lidless eyes Stop the dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon Stop the dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon Atomic space Chaos, it reeks Pilots shriek Cities weep Stop the dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon Stop the dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon Dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon Stop the dragon The eye dilates The air gyrates A gate in the sky A portal to die A shriek from space A mangled yell Dragon descends Welcome to hell Audi mea verba Oh ignis draconis Ex cineribus orior Altius atque altius Alis patentibus Lumine micante Draco hic apparere debet In loco subter The eye dilates The air gyrates A gate in the sky A portal to die A shriek from space A mangled yell Dragon descends Welcome to hell Ex profunditate antiquae doctrinae Ad caelos supra semper Hoc incantamentum evoco Draco apparet Incantamentum iam transactum est A creature born of the tempest The thrill of the hunt The thrill of the quest A wild being of chaos and fire Knowing naught but it’s own desire To taste fear in the game’s eyes To claim it’s victory To claim it’s prize Killing all in its path Nay mercy shown Until the dragon stands triumphantly high-lone Dawn of eternal night, Dawn of eternal night, Dawn of eternal night… Terra firma Earth murdered in the blink of an eye Malevolent equivalent Diabolify Bending storms beneath it’s will Firelight troglodyte Dawn of eternal night Demonic bird reptilian desert fetid breath Sapien spite and fatal bite with a foul gas stench Isaiah’s come to claim the throne The dragon’s birthright Dawn of eternal night The beast we awoke hath been untamed Eyes of fireth and wings of a flame It hath arisen from chariest lair Spreading its wings and taking to the air Yeah
Flamethrower 09:21
Depths of hell Dragon rise Death in mind Smoking eyes Malice gleam Deadly guise Futile to hypothesise Soul blackened by the dark arts Strike a fear in mortal hearts Taketh to the sky with blazing darts Flame those foolish, lazy fucks My eyes start to spin Senses dulled by the original sin Newfound gasoline Sing and dance with thee My new family The folly of men The tragedienne A force of nature A force of might Fire on the land and wind in flight Those who stand before do cower in fright Oh fearsome one, thou art terrible sight Flame Thrower Flame Thrower Flame Throw a flame Engage the mesolimbic pathway Stimulate brain reward activates Burn nerve numbing hot Swimming dopamine Sweet smelling, the flesh melting benzene Mouthfuls of the black bubbling fuel Feel it spray through the lizard nostrils Mayday, mayday! Calling ground control The space station in a dragon-death-roll Flame Thrower Flame Thrower Flame Throw a flame I drink lakes of motor oil I engulf and I inflame I disrupt the natural order I come of wind and I come of cloudburst rain I am the high priestess I spew motor spirit breath I will torch the ISS The last enemy to be destroyed is death Fire-pious church-goer Flamethrower Oil wells drained of fluids Underneath stand black gold druids The dragon turns his gaze above Releases his breath, a flaming dove Engines crunch on the ground below Through its teeth, cleansing lava flows Gaia set to self-destruct Flamethrower complacent fucks Motor spirit. Motor spirit. Motor spirit…


released June 16, 2023

Stu Mackenzie: Guitar / Bass / Vocals / Recording / Mixing / Lyrics / Synthesiser
Ambrose Kenny-Smith: Vocals / Lyrics / Synthesiser
Joey Walker: Guitar / Bass / Vocals / Recording / Mixing / Lyrics / Synthesiser
Michael Cavanagh: Drums / Percussion / Vocals / Electronic Drum Kit
Cook Craig: Bass / Vocals / Lyrics / Synthesiser
Lucas Harwood: Lyrics / Synthesiser

Jason Galea: Artwork, Layout, Photography
Nico Wilson: Recording Engineer
Joe Carra: Mastering


all rights reserved



King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Melbourne, Australia


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